2018 Football and Cheer Expense Report

$3,795.93                                     Insurance

​$1,715.00                                     League and National Fees

$​6,951.30                                      Jerseys

​$2,786.40                                      cheer uniforms

$2,169.54                                      Football equipment:  mouth guards, pants, first aid kits, etc

​$2,246.98                                      Coaches Equipment and New training equipment to improve player safety

​$1,705.00                                     League Cheer Competition in Michigan City Registration fee

$852.00                                         Princess Gala Registration fee

​$1,110.00                                      Cheer Bows for 150 Cheerleaders

Game Day expenses:

​$55                                               Per Referee Per Game

$30                                               Security guard (per hour)