2017 saw both the Mitey Mite and Junior Pee Wee football teams advance to final four in their respective state tournaments. As one of only four area programs to accomplish this, LaPorte looks to build on last year's success and bring the great game of football to our area's youth!

​​​2020 proposed COVID -19  guidelines

 -Any athlete that prefers to wear a face covering will be allowed to do so at all times
-Social distancing principles will be adhered to whenever possible
-When not engaging in vigorous activity all athletes should wear covering
-Coaches will wear coverings
-Only essential participants – closed practices (no parents) for all but tiny mites / 6U
-Coaches will have an alternate command structure established in case of illness
-Covid screening form prior to conditioning period
-Coaches need to track and report any covid related or suspected covid absences to the football commissioner or cheer coordinator
-Follow “return to school” protocol to return to participation if an athlete has Covid
-Ensure no punitive measures for athletes who miss practices/games for illness, we will encourage participants to stay home if they are sick
-Require hand washing before practice – and the organization will make hand sanitizer available at all times- recommended between drills
-Outdoor parent/team meetings only with social distancing guidelines followed
-If possible, reduce workouts to half of the group keeping the same group always together (I.E. offensive player practice and a separate defensive player practice)
-Contact is allowed, but keep it as minimized as possible
-Coaches must clean/ disinfect all equipment prior to use and after use
-No sharing of clothing, jerseys, or community water bottles – every participant must have their own water bottle
-Equipment that is torn with exposed foam must be discarded
-No contact for celebrations or sportsmanship – (no high fives, no shaking hands)
-All coaches will receive Covid signs and symptoms information
-No games or scrimmages prior to the August 15th moving to phase 3

We understand that this list will not represent an all inclusive list, and that as information and resources become available to us we will likely have to adjust as needed.  We are committed to providing the much needed outlet of cheer and football to these young athletes in the safest manner possible as we all try and navigate our version of the new norm. 

Whats New for the 2020 season

Regular season cost is per child for the first two kids in the same household and the third is free. On the football side this cost will cover your jersey with name on the back that you will keep at the end of the season.  On the cheer side this cost will cover everything but shoes including competition costs.