How to Contact 2022 board members

We are always looking for ways to improve our program to better serve you! 

Email: Mike Nelson with any comments, complaints, or concerns!​

​                                                                                                                 EMAIL ADDRESSES

President:  Mike Nelson                                                

​Vice President:  Courtney Proffitt                                       

Treasurer:  Laurie Penziol                                             

​Secretary:  Felicia Menear                                            

​Football Commissioner:  Steve Forker                         

​Cheer Coordinator:  Tonya Lovins                                

Asst Cheer Coordinator:  Melody Hon                          

Assistant Football Commissioner: Paul Penziol

​Football Equipment Manager:  Brian Shukitis  

Assistant Football Equipment Manager: Jawuan Marshall         

Football Business Manager: Whitney Nokes                   

Cheer Business Manager: Emily Rees

Cheer Equipment Manager: Shelby Fleming

Fundraiser Coordinator:   Holly Welsh                          

Event Coordinator/Travel Funds:  Amanda Nelson

Scholastic Manager: Cassie Kodie 

​Security / Background: Stephon Nokes

Board Member: Brian Rock

Board Member: Amanda Pinks

Board Member: Jackie Hooper